The end of the Goyim, a malicious Zionist whim in their holy scripture whose 1st stage is the malicious deaths of 2 billion, the slow deaths of 2 or 3 billion in a few short years after, then more megadeath and for a short while at the end, 500 million survivors…

Don’t forget, you’re ruled by Masonic madmen, themselves ruled by German Jew descent Masons who 200 years ago openly called themselves “Illuminati” which is another way of saying they’ll worship Jehovah on Saturday or Sunday, Baphomet at lodge on lodge nights, while the other seven days of the week they’ll be worshipping Lucifer and mocking you for your naïve stupidity ~ It was these guys in total 100% control ever since they started the Civil and then used Boss Tweed’s cash to finance the theft of Russia’s gold, the creation of the US Fed from that, the asset stripping of Wall St to finance the Nazis to loot Europe’s gold, and then took Europe’s gold and used it for Reaganomics and various Star Wars weapons that Russia German China and England now outpunch America in ~ You’ve been despitefully used America, and you know what, you deserved it too, but where to once you’ve been used and abused for the final time and then the treasonous Freemasons within your hypocritical Govt and military, once in position to flee to the bunkers your stolen taxes built, wind up slaughtering half your now near morally vacuous nation of frauds fakes liars losers and fools…

Operation Sleeping Giant:

Infowars to Launch Special

24-Hour Broadcast

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July 24, 2016

Infowars is taking the fight to the globalists and with your help we can make sure that liberty is victorious over the globalist scum. Operation Sleeping Giant commences July 27th, 2016.

This article was posted: Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 7:48 am


Don’t you all just sense the unnaturalness of our world today. When your very environment has become neon signs, and people walking around with cell phones in their faces? You really want to know what is wrong with our world today. Look at the Internet and you see the truth. What has the Internet become? It went from being a really cool knowledge base to commerce that compromises our privacy and exploits us. Hell, the Internet has turned us into cattle to be consumed and dehumanized. That is what is wrong today. Trump doesn’t oppose this these problems and in fact wants more surveillance. Everything smells wrong about Trump, and he just plastic, and a con man, who promises the world, with no humility.


easy fix it called a E.M.P.

then we learn how to live… don`t need no stinkin gadget to get by in life… but you do and little do they know..try living without it for a week is like a junkie kicking the stuff…


What you say sounds good on paper, but it would send us into economic oblivion.

It would be mass starvation.


then get off your ass and plant something in the ground and feed yourself.. how did the west and to colonial times do it.. their was not one electronic device.. but we did… thats what going on.. but in electronic form.. nobody has ever gone off grid.. not even for a week.. cause we depend on it too much… we moved from independence to dependence..


kinetic-energy-weapon-mack 56 CROP

The richest man in your circle post ‘WW3’ will either be the gun dealer or guy who owns a hill of beans ~ The guy who owns the hill of beans won’t have them long without doing business with the gun dealer, trading beans for guns and ammo, (Basically) meaning the guy who has the gold will either be trading beans or guns and ammo for them…

Now, the why and wherefore…

The weapons used in ‘WW3’ will be something America perfected in the 1980’s where they created (Perfected) 70 kilo nickel-iron slugs that would (Will) accelerate to 18 klms per second with a 1\2 mile run up, hitting hard enough to be medium size city-killers…

Around 2 billion dead in the week thereof (sic) with a bigger death toll coming in the 2+ years after with the dust cloud they raise causing near total crop failure along with no electricity meaning no water, mass panic, cannibalism, looting and various acts of the strong taking things from the weak including their very flesh in some cases, while the gun dealer does a roaring trade swapping guns and ammo for beans and clean water, the gold trader swapping gold for beans guns and clean water if he can find someone dumb enough to swap either for some of his cold gold metal, and occasionally they’ll all swap bits of each hoard for the highest value commodity around, a clean conscience, one free of hypocrisy…

If all that wasn’t enough, it precedes global Pole Shift…
Oh yeah, angry invisible “Guy-in-the-sky” hates sinners…
(Now meee, think I’ll be a big soul-trader in Hades maybe)…
I’ll “Make a killing” ~ Waaaaaaaaa Ha-Ha, no, seriously…
I’m gonna trade spirits that disgust me for good hearts…

Top DNC staffer

apologizes for email on

Sanders’ religion

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July 24, 2016

A top staffer at the Democratic National Committee has apologized after suggesting that the organization use Bernie Sanders’ religious beliefs against him in the Democratic primary. One email among the thousands of internal DNC messages released this week by Wikileaks showed DNC CFO Brad Marshall questioning Sanders’ Jewish faith, and suggested that painting the candidate as an atheist “could make several points difference” in several late primary contests. “It might may (sic) no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist,” Marshall wrote in a message to several DNC communications directors. The message does not mention Sanders by name, but he was the only Jewish candidate, and the email came shortly before the Kentucky and West Virginia Democratic primaries.

Read more

This article was posted: Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 7:43 am


Serve Bernie a pork and lobster dinner and see if he’s still a Jew.


And if he isn’t ?

He gets a trip to the local kosher Catholic Boys choir as a kind of “Bernie we miss you and want you back” door prize, every four years until some angry invisible all powerful dead guy in the sky returns to kill the heathen goyim that don’t believe in invisible dead guys? ~ Spare me…

Wonder if sometime before then America, specifically but not necessarily only the American Govt, could please write down in 200 words or less exactly what they’ve accused me of that justifies their thus-far multi-billion dollar spend on pissant Orwellian electronic media bullshit? ~ Plz, around 200 words or less, perhaps referencing some obscure part of the Washington DC Act of 1871 that makes it illegal to call suck-cockers suck-cockers while implying they’re also “R-Slickers” as well, something I’ll be able to show my lawyer and get them to explain to me what the Loony-asshole’s want 😦

Tim Kaine

Tipped As Clinton’s

Running Mate

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Sky News
July 22, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is expected to pick Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate. The former Secretary of State is tipped to make the announcement in an email to supporters on Friday afternoon. Mr Kaine could give Mrs Clinton a boost in his home state of Virginia, a pivotal battleground in November’s White House election. The welder’s son could also help her woo white male voters, a demographic she has consistently struggled to win over. But liberals are wary of his support for fast-track approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free trade deal that has come under fierce attack from both the political left and the right.

Read more

This article was posted: Friday, July 22, 2016 at 12:08 pm


When your campaign is done, but you want to run on,,, co-Kaine,,,


I’d say you American’s are being offered a choice for prez between the left Zionist butt cheek and the right Zionist butt cheek, yet, Umm, Err, it looks to meee as a (Very) disinterested observer that this time around it’s going to be the turn of the Rockefeller (Zionist) US Fed butthole in the middle of the two that’ll be running things…

iffin’ you knows what I-means, suckaaaz…

Na-Na, you got-me wong, ’twas “Suckaaaz”, not “Suckass” ~ (Snigger)
No, stop, now come-on, I’m not just mocking you because you mock me…
(Ignore that last line, it was absolute ‘BS’ ~ The exact opposite is true)…

Rummy Clinton Trump Left or right


If you are so disinterested, why don’t you sign off and go back to watching South Park?


Listen smartass, in addition to your Govt torturing me as a 2 y\o and continuing said torture every year except age 13 when they had one of their (Literal) ‘WW2’ Zionist Nazi Pal’s do it, they also tortured 14 kids including 9 babies to death in front of me by age 13 along with killing another six without the torture ~ Eventually ill health will finish me off, but I’ll (Literally) work towards your eternal damnation you creeps with every breath I-take…

and with those I-don’t ~ Damn the lot of you…

And strangely, I’ll occasionally keep a sense of humor doing it…A good lawyer


WELL DAMN ROBBY!!!! I didn’t know you had it in ya.


Got a tumor where the Zionist-p3nis always was as a kid 😦



Sounds good, yet without speaking directly to you or your account, hear this Zionist America ~ When we cross paths in the sweet bye and bye, one where my step-parents, likely in one way or another to prove the best friends I’d ever had, need to stay some distance away, quite some distance away for their safety to avoid getting their mind shredded and what’s left thrown to the scavengers, they’ll be fine, safe, if only they’ll keep the right distance ~ Maybe their love for me will translate to respect, and that respect will keep them safe, maybe…

But you Zionist America, you who’ve been the bane of my life since age 2 years, well you just “Walk right in, sit right down, do-ya wanna lose your mind? Walk right in, sit right down, daddy let your mind grow long”

Sure, I’ll just be a little “Sweetie” for ‘YOU’ in Hades…
(Yup, just a sad sweet gentle ‘SpongeBob‘ for you)…
And a moon made of green cheese will save us all…

Heh-Heh-Heh (sic), yeah, being a bit cryptic, bad crowd of spirit I’d worked with since age 5 and then age 7 again, extra bad, some deceivers, some seducers, bad is what they were…

with a capital “B” and an “A” and a “D”

Five parts of Hades Huh? ~ And numbers rule do they?
Or knowledge craft position authority + skill, they count?

If there was any other way, I’d just walk-away laughing, and please don’t take offence, but I’d be laughing at ‘ALL’ of you Masonic Zionists who hone your occultist skills on tortured baby-souls and gauge your power and authority by how many little boy butt’s you’ve forcefully mastered, you be careful when paradise falls Zion, I’ve seen the toughest and the baddest around, and it’s not you, creeps, I’ve also seen fakes frauds pretenders losers liars and devils…

Enjoy the fake (Double) ‘MJ’ in the video, idiots…
Guess we’ll see what’s what by the 2040’s then…
Faking and deceiving wasn’t part of ‘MY’ plan…
Just the bits where I’d respond to your plans…

Do I-always take myself seriously? ~ Who’s asking? 😉

Almost a smile ~ Just a joke


Who cares. Ain’t gonna watch her convention. Can’t stomach her bar room voice.


Can feel the love in this American political race, yep, feel the love, big time…

Cropped Copper Clown Yay Ray Woo


Now look at the world from ‘MY’ point of view, just for a different perspective…

As a little boy, as an average precocious little boy, as any average normal little boy with a bad attitude and a 220+ ‘IQ’ tortured from age 2 years by ‘CIA’ might have been expected to be or become, as an average (Snigger) little boy who had some nifty teachers in all things political and psychological, and many things occultist and strategic in herd control, I’d found I’d developed the ability to remote view, a skill the Russians think they’re world chess masters at and, well, maybe they are, as long as that don’t mean they think they’re better than meee at it…

Surprisingly I’d found that I’d developed that ability out of being lied to too many times by Freemasons of German Jew descent in ‘CIA’ and ‘WW2’ fascism, it came from a ferocious determination to be in control thru acquiring information about any lie that intersected with ‘MY’ interests which, at that young age were rarely ever outside my step family…

So yeah, as you’d understand the concept in the way 1960’s and 1970’s Russian ‘KGB’ would have thought of it, I’d developed that ability quickly, at first only if I’d met and\or talked with someone so their psychic persona, not necessarily their soul spirit or mind, just their presence and where they carried their spiritual weight, was seen by me…

Within a year, by age six years, I’d developed the ability to remote view anyone just so long as I’d talked with someone who vaguely knew them and got that person to talk about them, a few sentences was enough if they were angry or resentful, although a good 10 minutes was easier, it took less effort and focus ~ Then, by age seven, I’d become good enough at it to remote view anyone at all, literally, anywhere, any time, with a 2 week lead in just to cross all my eyes (Snicker) and dot all my tee’s like I’d been taught to do, and that I’d do simply by reading about them and\or seeing a picture, then tasking some of my spiritual helpers (Literally the spirits of the departed, I’d been a practicing Spiritualist by that age, there were some complaints at first about that being wrong, so I’d go straight over their heads and find one that would, one that understood little boys become big boys, big boys become men, men become old men, and old men eventually die and they’d cross my path face to face) and anyway I’d task them to go and just watch the target close for a few days, or more, then I’d look at them thru the mind’s eye of that helper (Spirit) and they (The target) then had no secrets in that space ~ You think I’m bullshitting here, you really think I’m bullshitting? ~ You think I’m bullshitting, flying two jets into 3 skyscrapers using failed Cessna pilots bullshitting? ~ Hell no, it’s simply true, weird no doubt, but simply true, I’d been gifted…

And waaaaaaaaaay more pissed-off than you could possibly imagine…

It’s wrong for little boys to be forced to become so austere, so severe…

Later, it came in quite handy as a tool in complicated Zionist bastardry, partly because I’d also learnt to reverse the flow and plant thoughts and ideas, mostly to avoid detection I’d do so as far as two years ahead of the moment when they’d have the thought and I’d not use actual words to do so, merely use complicated thought forms, a concept I’d gladly school you on if you had a few years and had an honest heart and an open mind, and already knew how…

Eichmann taught me that, what a naughty man, what a naughty-naughty-naughty man, and my step dad too, also quite the occultist himself but masked ‘ALL’ of his work (Craft) way more than even Eichmann could, and a hell of a teacher at that, he was my fifth Ace in the pack, (Yes, I-always cheated), he (My step dad) was my derringer up the sleeve, my joker in the pack, my set-piece in the game so to speak, my Jack-high dirty move…

bless you Clem, old soldier, bless you…

Eichmann Double photo Israeli trial dupe

Anyway, at the time Eichmann began to broaden my heart mind and spirit in the occult most will rarely envisage and few will ever grasp past the weird sex stage, he’d supposedly been dead two years, literally, and I’ll repeat that just for the taxpayer funded Masonic politicians and media-frauds of America, by that time Eichmann had supposedly been dead for two years after (Supposedly) suffering the after effects of some severe rope burn in Israel, so for him to teach me that while the Masonic Zionist world claimed he’d been dead would’ve been quite a circus sham magic trick better than my budding Spiritualism skills, except he wasn’t dead, world Masonic Zionism using the Bavarian Illuminati mechanisms in world politics had faked his death in Israel using a lookalike double while Eichmann himself was busy placing a stolen US Air Force hydrogen bomb under congress for his Bavarian Illuminati masters, with young Dick Cheney in the team with the nuke, and future defense secretary Don Rumsfeld (Literally) helping them get the thing past a lone guard at the entrance…

the man being an old army buddy of Rummy’s…

Eichmann WIDE Is there a problem

And all that time as a little-boy I’d been tortured raped prostituted and terrorized…

Terrorized with the real-world torture murders of Aboriginal babies and children…


Bill Clinton

‘Rape’ T-shirts go

on sale at RNC

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July 22, 2016

Republicans aren’t pulling any punches, as a Bill Clinton T-shirt with the word ‘Rape’ in fat lettering goes on sale at the Republican National Convention. Behind the design are none other than Trump adviser Roger Stone and Infowars’ Alex Jones. The design features a photograph of a smiling Clinton, and is a nod to the blue-and-red ‘Hope’ posters we saw from the Obama campaign back in 2008. But it is only the latest in a line of controversial designs by the former Nixon cabinet member Stone and conspiracy-theory pundit Jones. […]

Alex Jones PP Fake Tweet PP July 23PP Date 22 July 680


They should hand out boxes of Rape Whistles at the Democratic Convention with instructions to “blow the whistle on corruption.”


‘BOLD BOLDNESS’ ~ That’s the new Republican strategy announced by the Donald, bold boldness against America’s enemies which seems to include the Democrats, while the silly Democrat response to the Trump plan of a new kind of bold American boldness seems to be some type of vapid timid limp wristed counter-revolutionary plot to counter his bold boldness…

TRANSLATION? ~ He says he’s going to get America out of ‘NAFTA’
(We can rightly presume he’ll do so boldly, with bold boldness, right)
But bold boldness and getting out of ‘NAFTA’ is only his ‘PLAN B’
‘PLAN A’ was bald boldness, build a wall, and, get out of ‘NAFTA’

PS: ~ For real? ~ Better watch out for whoever their president is…
They (Masons) are planning the murders of over 2 billion people…

Drumpf Trump PLAN A Bald Boldness

Accused Felon

Lesley McSpadden to

Address DNC

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Mother of Michael Brown allegedly involved in robbery and assault

Kurt Nimmo
July 21, 2016


Accused criminal, Lesley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown, will speak at the Democratic National Convention next week. According to the DNC web page:

Tuesday: A Lifetime of Fighting for Children and Families

Featuring President Bill Clinton and Mothers of the Movement

Gavel time expected at 4:00pm

Tuesday will feature the roll call vote and how Hillary has spent her entire career working to make a difference for children, families, and our country. The Mothers of the Movement participating include Gwen Carr, Mother of Eric Garner; Sybrina Fulton, Mother of Trayvon Martin; Maria Hamilton, Mother of Dontré Hamilton; Lucia McBath, Mother of Jordan Davis; Lezley McSpadden, Mother of Michael Brown; Cleopatra Pendleton-Cowley, Mother of Hadiya Pendleton; Geneva Reed-Veal, Mother of Sandra Bland.

Michael Brown, shot dead after he attacked Officer Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, was described as a “gentle giant” by the corporate media. According to research conducted by Charles C. Johnson of GotNews, Brown had an extensive criminal record as a juvenile. Although St. Louis County denied a request to release court records, Johnson said he was told by two different law enforcement sources Brown had a juvenile arrest record. On August 14, 2014, USA Today reported the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s office confirmed Brown had no prior misdemeanors or felonies against him. A video released by the Ferguson Police Department apparently shows Brown assaulting a store owner during a “strong-armed robbery” that took place prior to the shooting. On March 4, 2015, The Smoking Gun reported St. Louis prosecutors were considering charges against Brown’s mother after an investigation revealed she participated in the beating and robbery of merchandise vendors selling Michael Brown t-shirts. According to a police report, McSpadden and others stole merchandise worth over $1,500 and also took $400 in cash. Two vendors were assaulted and one required medical attention for a fractured skull inflicted “by a hammer blow to the head.” In addition to felony charges related to the incident, Michael Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, was arrested and charged with inciting a riot for encouraging protesters in Ferguson to “burn this bitch down” following a grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson. “Mr. Head is directly responsible for the way this event panned out and we plan on prosecuting him to the fullest extent of the law. The damages sustained during the riots following Darren Wilson’s acquittal correlate directly with Mr. Heads actions in encouraging the crowd to act violently. We plan on pursuing this matter as soon as possible now that we have him in custody,” a statement released by St. Louis County DA Dan Shaffer read. Following the decision, more than 25 businesses were torched, including Walgreen’s, Little Caesar’s, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Auto By Credit, Beauty World, Sam’s Meat Market, Autozone, Public Storage, JC Wireless, and others.

This article was posted: Thursday, July 21, 2016 at 1:00 pm


Hillary sure made a difference in the lives of these children and their mothers.

She had them ran over with tanks and burned to death.



If you’re talking “WACO” then the reality is it (Branch Davidian) was a baby farm of sorts where the likes of Bohemian Grove and ‘CIA’ pedo dungeon brothels would source stock, and ‘THAT’ little adventure began in earnest under Ronald Reagan and “GHW (Scherff-41) Bush” then took god knows how many children to their deaths in those sad Luciferin years…

It’s not over, instead, it expanded, you all just shamelessly looked away…

Any idea what happened to the FBI’s undercover sting on underground pedo dungeon culture, or is it still “THE TERRORISTS” hate your freedoms and the terrorists are all Muslims, ergo the Muslims hate your freedoms…

Shame father son and Barbara Bush

VIDEO: Comedian

Jimmy Dore Spits in

Alex Jones’s Face

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July 22, 2016

Another melée broke out on radio row at the Republican National Convention on Thursday afternoon, and ended with comedian Jimmy Dore spitting a beverage into the face of controversial Internet talk show host Alex Jones. The video, captured by The New American Media, shows a scuffle on the set of liberal Cenk Uygur’s YouTube show, The Young Turks. Jones “crashed” the set with his microphone, and a furious Uygur shouted, “You’re the biggest liar in the media!” Staffers shouted, “Get the fuck off the stage!” “You just want attention!” Eventually, Uygur had to be restrained from hitting Jones. Meanwhile, Dore sneaked behind the scrum, bottle in hand, and spat in Jones’s face. Watch the video at 1:02 below:

The cameraman from The New American Media caught him in the act, but Dore had little to say — in the moment, or on Twitter. He did, however, retweet a fan who praised him for being a “firefighter”:

Read more

This article was posted: Friday, July 22, 2016 at 6:45 am


The young turks are a pathetic excuse. They are the laughing stock of utube.


Yes, but –    Thumbnail


Dore: typical little pussy boy–slap, spit at you and then run. So brave! Such a courageous conquest.


Yeah, Jimmy Dore Jimmy Snore, should’a called in a professional right wing Jewish agitator like Kramer, he know’d da-business to do got dun, he even gotcha secret martial-arts background too they say, so Yo…

 PS: Now everybody pretend they don’t know how old this shit is, wankers…
The determination of America to support lying in politics is getting scary…

Interesting thing about the Kramer-drama bit those years back, further back than the Jones + Dore event which was most likely 2012, but anyway the Kramer thing put shit ‘ON THE RECORD’ that the almighty US Govt had Orwellian microphones set up up my ass (Metaphor) 24\7 and in the way these black op fake-media things work Kramer was co-opted to say some really rotten things to African Americans, the whole point being the US Govt (McCain) would do the knee jerk lie to prove I’m a troublemaker, ditto Jones and Dore, then they’d be caught out continuing their US taxpayer funded condemnation of me without legal representation, right up to the point (Now) where it looks like something in illuminated secret society America smells badder than a blocked toilet in the New Jersey Port Authority, so yeah Kramer, no malice, thank you soldier, although it was all Zion and ‘THEY MADE YOU’, thank you ~ And Jones, you were in on the Dore thing before it was done, you and your ‘GWM’ were part of it you sensationalist twit…

It was all set-up beforehand ~ What a sham all US politics has become…
(Meanwhile, ideal set-up, ‘TUPAC‘ + ‘KRAMER‘ doing badass rap-battle)…


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