While we’re busy being “Crazy conspiracy-nuts” etcetera…

those of you with the right equipment and knowledge need to take some serious “Voiceprint analysis” of the Alex Jones character from around 1995 all of the way thru to now, with specific emphasis on everything in 2009 to see if there are any voiceprints that don’t match each other, and then do the same for Obama 2008 thru to now, again with special emphasis on 2009 for some strange (Crazy) reason (sic) and then do the same for Kerry from 2004 thru to now with no specific year to hone in on, except for the year the one you got now replaced the original Vietnam War era marine John Kerry ~ Voiceprint analysis is an interesting weapon of sorts, Oh excuse me, meant to say tool, ‘Ha-Ha-Ha’, as no two voiceprints can be made to precisely match without some very intensive alteration, and you sure as hell don’t want to do the same for Russia’s Vladimir Putin from 2000 to whoever this one is in 2016 nor do the same for Prince William from 2005 thru to 2010 either, because that’d just be making trouble ~ No, confine the analysis to Jones Obama and Kerry and you’ll certainly soon come up with some really ‘CRAZY’ conspiratorial shit that don’t add up, simply crazy  😉

Oh, excuse me, how did ‘THAT’ vid get here, especially starting with that bit about no jet at the Pentagon and William Cooper being murdered, and that shit about Australian man “Peter William Vanstone” who I’m here to tell you was simply the ‘CIA’ dupe that replaced the original two inch shorter Saudi mujahideen Bin Laden, the one in the vid above was the one on TV from 1997 thru to 2004 even tho US Military Intel renegades among their navy and marines had stated he (The fake) died of complications from kidney failure by 2002 ~ He’s definitely NOT the one that fought bloody battles in Afghanistan against the Russians ~ The good word says the original refused to cooperate with the ‘CIA’ (Zionist) plot against Muslims and was given some extremely prejudiced extreme prejudice for his troubles in the mid 80’s so there’s no crazy there ~ Well never mind, because here’s a really truly crazy video below to match the title of this blog, now notice how it sounds like the guy is speaking in Russian and he’s just drunk six bottles of vodka? ~ THAT’S CRAZY  😉

What’s also (Just as) crazy is America has no 100% treason amnesty for truth-tellers yet…


Utah Woman First

Zika-Related Death in

the Continental US

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Anna Scanlon
July 13, 2016

Utah health officials have confirmed that an elderly woman who passed away in late June has died after contracting the Zika virus. The unnamed woman did not contract the virus in the United States, but had traveled to a country where Zika was known to be. The woman also had many underlying health issues that likely contributed to her death in addition to the infection. Health officials in Utah, however, state that there is no immediate risk in Utah for the Zika virus if one has not traveled to a country where it is prevalent. They are also reluctant to make a definitive statement about the woman’s death at this time and whether it is definitely Zika-related. Their website stated:

“While this individual did test positive for Zika virus, the exact cause of death has not been determined, and it may not be possible to determine how the Zika infection contributed to the death. Due to health privacy laws, health officials will not release further details about the individual or the individual’s travel history.”

It was not confirmed that she was infected with Zika until after she had already died. The state does not plan to release any more information on the individual and offers its condolences to the family. Although over 1000 people in the United States have become infected with Zika as a result of travels to countries where it is prevalent, or having sexual relations with some infected with the Zika virus, so far no local mosquitoes have tested positive within the United States. The Zika virus is very rarely fatal, with eight in 10 infected people showing no symptoms whatsoever. Some people who do become infected may go on to develop Guillain-Barre, a syndrome that causes unexplained weakness and sometimes paralysis. The biggest risk of the Zika virus is for pregnant women, as many children born of those infected face severe cognitive delays. Microcephaly, a disorder in which the child’s head is abnormally small at birth, in addition to the child having moderate to severe intellectual disabilities, is common in women who give birth after becoming infected. Because of this, it is not recommended that women who plan to become pregnant in the near future not travel to an area where Zika is known to be.


Fox News

This post originally appeared at Natural Society

This article was posted: Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at 9:38 am


If it gets bad in our area, we need to make sure we have no standing water (gutters, bird baths, or puddles) near our home, wear mosquitoes repellent, and get a bug zapper for the yard if we are going to eat on the patio at dusk.


Ha-Ha, Ha-Ha, great song this, good singer, you’re nuts America, crazy…

McCain Meth Lab Zika Boo

I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind
There was something so pleasant about that place.
Even your emotions had an echo
In so much space

And when you’re out there
Without care, Yeah, I was out of touch
But it wasn’t because I didn’t know enough
I just knew too much

Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?


And I hope that you are having the time of your life
But think twice, that’s my only advice

Come on now, who do you, who do you,

who do you, who do you think you are,

Ha ha ha bless your soul
You really think you’re in control

Well, I think you’re crazy
I think you’re crazy
I think you’re crazy
Just like me


Absolutely … don’t feed ’em !!! I can’t handle the
oil of citronella smell, so I use tea tree oil instead
… much more aromatic.


Tea Tree oil comes from the sap of the Tea Tree…

It was called the Tea Tree because early Australian settlers dried and boiled parts of the leaf as a tea when they ran out of the real stuff ~ Early medical experiments using Tea Tree Oil as an antipsychotic were tried but the results were predictably vague, patients remained just as crazy as before and smelt like shit, but ‘DID’ scare mosquito’s away… Considering the entire Zika crap is only a cover-story for illegal CDC experiments on South American women, looks like the US could maybe try rubbing some Tea Tree oil on their ‘NOGGIN’ 😉

Won’t make you less crazy, but ‘WILL’ scare mosquito’s away…

Hillary Clinton Tea Tree Oil Mosquito blood ~ Republican Democrat



What difference does it make? ~ Ask that question after the treason of ‘WW3’ you losers…





Two of Prescott’s sons in the Bush photo montage below were both full brothers ‘BORN IN GERMANY’ to a single woman, either twins or a year or two apart, I’m unable to precisely confirm that, born from one of the many womb’s Bavarian Illuminati took for their use as Lord’s of the worldwide Zionist feudal manor, while the other one, the baseball player…

was the American-born son of Prescott’s lawful wife, or so he said…

the-bush-babby-boys AMBIDEXTROUS

One of the men below is obviously Dick Cheney, the other is his brother or half brother Bernie Sanders ~ The other guy in the photo whom you may recognize as Gorbachev of the big Glasnost “Oh no someone whacked Chernobyl” fame is half brother of both ~ All six are of German Jew descent and at least three or four were illegitimate as in their biological father wasn’t married to the woman who bore them, and myself I’m getting pretty sick of the god AND father of the Jews, any Jews, it’s really starting to piss me off…

Cheney Mason Muslim Cessna pilots rainbow



Yeah, I’m being a wee-bit cryptic here…

Three Kings Gold 550

There’s a story I’ve told elsewhere about being strapped to a chair drugged shitless on their “MK Ultra” stuff by ‘CIA’ with my eyes pinned open with surgical equipment a few months after their murder of missing Australian bub Azaria Chamberlain in front of me by a ‘POS’ operative for ‘CIA’ known to some in Australia as “Little Hans” a week or so after her so called death by a ‘Dingo’ (sic) taking her from her tent…

In kindness to Mrs Chamberlain, for an untrained victim it’s very easy to place fully believable memories into someone’s mind using those same drug based brainwash techniques, so she may very well have believed she saw a dingo take her baby ~ Anyway, at the time of the baby’s murder both ‘GHW (Scherff) Bush’ (41) and Rumsfeld were in the house within the previous half hour of her (Azaria’s) murder with a literal ‘Bayonet’ to the heart, anyway, again, this part I’m relating here a few months or so after her murder was…

basically, just torture to make me forget what I’d seen…

That included seeing Rumsfeld Cheney and your fake Kerry torture 9 babies to death, and then your ‘Scherff-41’ and one of his brother’s torture 5 older children to death, all Aboriginal and all 14 that I’d seen slowly cut up with knives…

until they either bled out or went into shock…

This time (For the torture described above) only ‘GHW (Scherff) Bush’ (41) and one other I’d not known by sight was in the house from memory, and for what seemed like about an hour to an hour and a  1\2 ‘THE’ most violent video shit I’ve ever seen before or since was endlessly played in front of me, no way to turn away…

eyes wide open, brain turned to mush by CIA hypnotic drugs…

Clockwork Orange ~ Two

No, it’s not a fantasized Clockwork Orange scenario, it really happened…

So much in life, so much in the world itself, isn’t at all in the least as they like to claim…

Pharoah children gold itchy butt

Und now Leibchen, one of “The ‘Gold-thief’ god’s main Unteroffizier(Lance Corporal’s)

Adolf Hitler Masons Gold 666 (2)

Shock, horror, you were all conned, lied to, Hitler was an illegitimate Astor Jew…

The more cynically informed may have thought 3 different men played the role too…

The US Fed got the 1000’s of tons of looted Nazi-gold in 1973 suckers ~ Wake-up…

The whole Jewish thing was a “Solomon’s gold”  gambit, the whole dame thing…

Hit the links above and below to learn some of what motivated me to do this…

So where’s Solomon’s gold, Iraq?

US Military coffins Iraqi Gold shipment 550Madness Yes no yes not prisoners, no, not mad, bunkers, insaneIraq Libya gold American Mason Zion (2)



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