Truth as an “Enemy of the State”…

O’Reilly and

Trump: This is a

World War

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“I believe it’s a world war now. We are in a world war scenario”.

Ian Hanchett
July 15, 2016

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor,” while discussing the attack in Nice, France host Bill O’Reilly and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stated there is a world war scenario with terrorism. O’Reilly said that if the attack in France is terrorism, “I believe it’s a world war now. We are in a world war scenario. It’s no longer just isolated ISIS attacks. Do you agree with that?” Trump responded, “I certainly do. And I’ve been saying it for a long time, and it’s out of control.”

This article was posted: Friday, July 15, 2016 at 4:21 am


Oreilly is traitor enemy scum. Whatever that creeps says aint worth spit.



The goal must be to bulldoze muslim mosques and training areas in the US, and to include “Muslim” in profiling. The legal way to do so is, i guess, a declaration of war…

approved by congress.


Somebody with the right computer programs needs to analize the voiceprint photos and vids of Alex Jones from Jan 2010 and then compare all of that to photos voiceprints and vid of Alex Jones from later that year (2010) on thru to 2015 and now in 2016 too, because I’m seeing a bit of a “Two guys look a lot like each other and sound similar” scenario ~ US Marines who still have a living soul and a sense of humor might call it the “John Kerry Syndrome” while bitter warped twisted old dcik-diker (sic) types might call it the “Gee they don’t look that different (Let’s kill the troublemaker) syndrome” 😉

And while you’re at it run some for Obama and Kerry 2010 to 16′ too 😉
Yes, I-know, I’m hopeless, and, Um, Err, pretty fcuking accurate too 😉

And please, I’m not a dumb Anti Alex Jones nut, not by any means 😉
The truth, the real truth is, “I-LOVE FAT LOUDMOUTH TEXANS” 😉


Yep! Just like the Freemason Albert Pike predicted three world wars. He specifically stated that world war 3 would be fought against the muslims, due to a refugees crisis.


So, Umm, “O’Reilly and Trump: This is a World War” and… Breitbart |
“I believe it’s a world war now. (And) We are in a world war scenario”

(And a clown graphic underneath which may or may not get censored)…
(The clown is exploding like he’s a big nuclear bomb mushroom cloud)…
(Silly clown’s saying Yo, Sho, ‘Trump for president‘ in 2016, yay clown)…

Nuclear Clown Donald Trump in 2016


Trump is an idiot and Hillary is sellout. Good luck America.


Now that’s not nice ~ If Hillary gets in there’ll hardly be an intact nutsack left anywhere stateside within halfway thru her very first term, and if the Trump gets in, well, if the Trump gets in you know what’ll happen then don’t you…

After ‘WW3’ he’ll make them all become gay butch and masculine like him…

Trump and Trump muscles




“Odd that the ‘terrorists’ didn’t bother to drive 8 miles up the road to Monaco, where they would have found plenty of elites to run down. For some reason, ‘ISIS’ has no interest in attacking people in power, including the people responsible for the war on Islam that has killed millions of Muslims since 9/11. Nor do they attack Israelis or Zionists. Instead, they slaughter random civilians—almost all of them Muslim”
– anon


Ah, my son, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Has anyone seen the playbook which has been around for 150 years? That playbook has outlined all the world wars and who would fight in them and why. Why does no one know this? The obvious solution to this ancient, engineered, preplanned problem is not to mobilize against the Muslim world. The answer is to eliminate the world elites: most heads of states, starting with everyone whose ever attended a Bilderberg meeting, most major international corporate heads, and international bankers. This, of course, would be like doing surgery on your own eyes.

Therefore the real answer is to fight back wherever you can, and get right with God. I’ve read the end of the book, and it doesn’t end well for these global, satanic elites. They’re so arrogant they think they can change their luck. They can’t.


Get right with (The Jewish) God you say?
I’d rather get right with Bobo the Clown…


How con-venient… meanwhile in iraq [with over a million dead and counting]

“Mossad/P2OG Truck Bomb Kills Scores In Baghdad Veggie Market”…


Banned again PP subnet comment UNDERLINED


So Trump wants a War. When will he invoke the draft to acquire his warring army? Is this what young Americans are going to face were Trump to become the next President? Just like the Baby Boomers were forced to do during the Vietnam War, when they were drafted. Yet Trump made sure he avoided being drafted into that one, didn’t he?


You’d find ‘Don Rumsfeld’ made sure Trump avoided that, ‘Daddy Dearest’
It’s the ‘BLOODLINE’ thing, Rumsfeld = Rockefeller + Hillary and Trump…

Rummy Clinton Trump Left or right


ur taste in music is lame.


I’m a 59 y\o, I’ve almost gotta book 2 months ahead for an erection  😉


Now, the Notsofunny stuff below…

Here’s a repeat of some older stuff with one addition at the end…

Worth a think…

Clockwork Orange ~ Two

Pokémon Go Linked to CIA

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Augmented reality software could turn smartphones into Imperial probe droids

Kit Daniels
July 11, 2016

Kit Daniels PP Date July 11


Big surprise…don’t worry, you have a Constitution that protects you. LOLOLOL


A rubber-band would provide as much protection from the excesses of state feudalism globalism or fascism (Corporatism Musso once called it) and has many other interesting uses, and you can manufacture one for each citizen that perpetually adjusts to their specific personal needs… Oh-dear, the sarcasm bug bit me again…

Bugger, got me good too…

Anyway, yeah, friendly figure appears on their phone and says something like “HELLO LITTLE CITIZEN, I’M YOUR FRIENDLY FRIEND PONGO, ANY CRIMINAL ACTS BY NAUGHTY ADULTS TO REPORT TODAY” and the kid types “Yeah, the Bishop just raped me” and ‘Pongo App’ replies, “No little one, we said did you have any ILLEGAL acts to report, do mommy or daddy have handguns or high powered rifles hidden anywhere?”


Rumpy Knoll SHOT (2)


Surely cheap ‘smart phones’ only purpose ,is to turn the public into ‘real time’ reporters [to FEMA management] of themselves and other people who question government or think for themselves, CON-formity is a new global directive..join the hive-mind, or be dobbed in for thinking for yourself by the plebs.


Freemasons ran a ‘HIVE-MIND’ mentality, an occult if you will all thru their history, one based on the Jewish kabala, a sexually centered occult which the Jews perfected 3000 odd (Very odd) years ago when they’d gather in groves in front of trees carved into phallic symbols and rocks carved into a vulva and clitoris ~ Then they’d all have a mostly same sex mass gang bang orgy before slicing some poor bastard (Often child or baby) up and cooking and eating it ~ They called it “Baal Worship” and it’s the same shit at Bohemian Grove does…

But anyway, not digressing too much the Masons behind closed doors always used group butt sex as their way of subjugating everyone to a group bonding mechanism (Really) designed to warp the spirit and warp the higher mind into conformity to a ‘GROUP GROIN’ and, guess what, along came the Young Republicans to spread the disease…

Now the young metro sexual tripper darlings of either sex all gather for their group gang bangs to partake of the holy Viagra Ecstasy Meth and blow (Only blow if it’s a cashed up group) and they all think they’re the smartest most ‘IN’ crowd on the planet, they don’t know the Nazi’s and other Mason’s were gay trippers just like them except they (Mason’s and Nazi’s) actually used to study other forms of occult in roughly equal amounts to the weird sex thing…

And now indeed they’ve got the same Jewish god Solomon sacrificed babies to who lives in their minds within 180 Char Twits 24\7 any time he’s not living in their asses during ritual butt sex or tribbing ~ People who can fit their minds into a 180 Char ‘TWEET’ are far more dangerous than Brownshirts or Bolshevik’s, especially when they’re in effect being run by a bunch of treasonous old Masonic Zionist Bavarian Illuminati fats like McCain and all that international banker crowd, which they are…

We’re screwed…
They’re screwed…
We’re all screwed…

Masonic ApronsAlbert Pike COMPLICATED Masonic bossIlluminati Baby torture murder ritual


You mentioned Baal worship, this term makes up part of the… global/glow-baal [illuminate] + Baal sun worship, english is like a computer program, if you feed in the correct terms…. only one OUTPUT type can come. The King James bible [it was illegal to print bibles in anything but latin before this came out] appeared on the world scene at the same time that ‘Shakespeare’ [or the masonicly controlled group that together put his supposed works out] ‘he’ had added about 1000 ‘new’ words to the ‘lexicon’ and the plays travelled around ‘inputting’ new ideas and datainto the masses for many many years… in fact. ‘his’ plays can still be seen today…

what a mystery.?



Baal = Allah = Baal-Lah ~ Isis + Ra + El = Israel ~ Babylon = “Baal’ = “On” (Om) which they claim means Osirus or whatever ~ I’d often been told that “Jehovah” and “Lucifer” were the same (Set of) deities and when you add it all up the 12.000 y\o Zionists who created Judaism sure did come up with a winner didn’t they, almost like if the Jews did something good for their master ‘Zion’ then it was the ‘GOD’ in their mind that did it, and if the Jews did something evil for Zion, then the devil in their hearts did it, yet what if it was all, all of it, the whole damn thing, just a cover story for ritual Luciferin worship Zion secretly pursues, kind of like a massive Ponzi scheme in the sky, give them all you’ve got, heart mind spirit and soul and them and their God\devil matrix will give you back 10% of it until the “Money” (Spirit) runs out…

Hah, Gee, that’s being a little cynical of me, after all an omnipotent omnipresent angry invisible cosmic magician DID  kill all of Egypt’s children at the same time he instructed his chosen people to steal all of Egypt’s gold and jewels and, well, you can’t argue with that can you, what a hell of a cover story ~ (Snicker)


Moses ~ The gold and jewels ~US Military coffins Iraqi Gold shipment 550


Thanks for your insights Robbie,most of what we have learned are lies, now we just have to sort the “wheat from the chaff” to quote the biblical reference, as long as we are able to ‘clear out’ the lies on our human hard drives, as we replace it with the truth ,or else we end up “holding two opposing ideas in our heads,and believing both when each idea is presented to us” a sort of quote from George Orwells 1984, ‘double think’…. good luck in deciphering truth…“the truth is out there…but there ain’t much here on planet earth”.



Two of Prescott’s sons in the Bush photo montage below were both full brothers ‘BORN IN GERMANY’ to a single woman, either twins or a year or two apart, I’m unable to precisely confirm that, born from one of the many womb’s Bavarian Illuminati took for their use as Lord’s of the worldwide Zionist feudal manor, while the other one, the baseball player…

was the son of Prescott’s lawful wife, or so he said…

the-bush-babby-boys AMBIDEXTROUS

One of the men below is obviously Dick Cheney, the other is his brother or half brother Bernie Sanders ~ The other guy in the photo whom you may recognize as Gorbachev of the big Glasnost “Oh no someone whacked Chernobyl” fame is the half brother of both of them ~ All six are of German Jew descent and at least three or four were illegitimate as in their biological father wasn’t married to the woman who bore them, and myself I’m getting pretty sick of the god AND father of the Jews, any Jews, it’s really starting to piss me off…

Cheney Mason Muslim Cessna pilots rainbow



Yeah, I’m being a bit cryptic here…

There’s a story I’ve told elsewhere about being strapped to a chair drugged shitless an the “MK Ultra” stuff by ‘CIA’ with my eyes pinned open with surgical equipment within a few months of their murder of missing Australian baby Azaria Chamberlain in front of me by a ‘POS’ operative for ‘CIA’ known to some in Australia as “Little Hans” a week or so after her so called death by a ‘Dingo’ (sic) taking her from her tent, with both ‘GHW (Scherff) Bush’ (41) and Rumsfeld in the house within the previous half hour of her murder with a literal ‘Bayonet’ to the heart, anyway, again, this part I’m relating here a few months or so after her murder was…

basically, torture to make me forget what I’d seen…

This time only ‘GHW (Scherff) Bush’ (41) was in the house from memory, and for what seemed like about an hour to an hour and a  1\2 ‘THE’ most violent video shit I’ve ever seen before or since was endlessly played in front of me, no way to turn away…

eyes wide open, brain turned to mush by CIA hypnotic drugs…

No, it’s not a fantasized Clockwork Orange scenario, it really happened…

Music vid above this fits that true story, although all of the rest is from a previous post…

So much in life, so much in the world itself, isn’t at all in the least as they like to claim…

Pharoah children gold itchy butt

Und now Leibchen, one of “The ‘Gold-thief’ god’s main Unteroffizier(Lance Corporal’s)

Adolf Hitler Masons Gold 666 (2)

Shock, horror, you were all conned, lied to, Hitler was an illegitimate Astor Jew…

The US Fed got the 1000’s of tons of looted Nazi-gold in 1973 suckers ~ Wake-up…

The whole Jewish thing was a “Solomon’s gold”  gambit, the whole dame thing…

Hit the links above and below to learn some of what motivated me to do this…

So where’s Solomon’s gold, Iraq?

US Military coffins Iraqi Gold shipment 550Erica Treason Amnesty Patriot Girl says


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