Goldust Goldberg & Gillberg ~ Attorneys at law…

No, NOT the wrestler Goldberg, but if electronic media says so, is it true anyway?

Kerry Marine

And that’s NOT the original Vietnam veteran marine Kerry above either…

Any-waaay, some think wrestling is fake, but it’s American politics that’s fake…

Lemme show you a few clips that prove it’s anything other than fake, although it most definitely ‘IS’ entertainment art form that’s scripted, because if it wasn’t scripted and men of that skill level fitness toughness and ability were to start beating the crap out of each other the ratings would soar 1000% in a week among some sections of the pay-per-view audience, but then you’d have ten or 20 out each week thru injury, definitely one or two deaths and anywhere between six to ten career ending injuries each month more than likely, meaning most of the sane people who are sick of the extreme (Scripted) Muslim terror war TV violence would turn off in large numbers then write their congressman to pretend it’s him answering then ~ Wrestling is indeed scripted, not fake, scripted, truth be told it’s “American Politics” that’s fake ya-fools, Cessna Pilots flying 757’s and “Two jets bringing down 3 skyscrapers” ~ Jesus Ben fcuking Yehudi Son of David the Christ…

what the hell are they putting in your water America?  😉

There’s this story about corrupt illuminated high-priced lawyers that goes thus…

Almighty Jehovah God gets up early one morning in paradise (Of course) and goes for a morning stroll to walk along the fence between the realms of the Elysian Fields of paradise in Hades and the tormented place of Tartarus, also in Hades, when he sees the fence between heaven and hell has broken down ~ So he calls the devil over and says “Devil, this fence is broken, fix it” and the devil just looks at him with scorn and says sneeringly, ‘NO’…

So Almighty Jehovah God repeats himself a little more forcefully a second time and says “Devil, this fence is broken, fix it” and the devil sneers at him and just says ‘NO’ ~ One more time the Almighty says to the devil “Devil, this fence is broken, if you don’t fix it I’ll take you to court” and the devil just laughs at him and says something like “Really, and exactly where are YOU gonna get a lawyer from? They’re all down here defending my congressmen women senators governors presidents and bankers”  😉

You could catch up with them across the river if you wanted to, soldier ~ Plan ahead…

US Soldier LARGE

Trump: Dallas

Attacks “Just The


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‘It’s far worse than Obama believes it is’

Steve Watson
July 12, 2016

GOP nominee Donald Trump told reporters Monday that he fears the violence against police in Dallas “might be just the beginning for this summer.”

“We are in a divided nation,” Trump told Associated Press reporters. Referring to cases of violence against police in 2015, Trump stated “I looked two nights ago and you were having trouble in 11 different cities, big, big trouble”

“The press actually plays it down.” Trump added. “I mean, you were having big, big trouble in many cities. And I think that might be just the beginning for this summer.” he said. Trump also slammed President Obama for downplaying the divide that exists within American inner cities. Obama said last week that the country isn’t “as divided as some have suggested,” yet Trump contends that quite the opposite is true. “It’s far worse, and certainly far worse than [the president] believes it is,” he said. Protests continue to spring up in opposition to the heavily publicised deaths at the hands of police of two black men in Baton Rouge, La., and in Falcon Heights, Minn. Earlier in the day, Trump held a press conference in Virginia Beach, Va., where he sold himself as “the law and order candidate”

Trump declared that he can protect voters, and said that the recent violence highlights the need to address “the ongoing catastrophe of crime” in urban America.

Trump compared the danger police officers face to the “harassment” experienced by returning US soldiers at the conclusion of the Vietnam War. Trump is scheduled to appear in Chicago Tuesday. Just hours before media stops Trump sent out a tweet regarding the crime epidemic. “Crime is out of control, and rapidly getting worse. Look what is going on in Chicago and our inner cities. Not good!” he tweeted.

Donald J Trump Tweets PP Date 12th RED BORDER

Anti-Trump protesters are scheduled to convene outside Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago at 10am.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’,

and (The American president’s Cyber Security subnet)

This article was posted: Tuesday, July 12, 2016 at 10:10 am


It’s all by design. Divide and conquer.

Distract the sheeple from the police state and make it a black vs. white issue. These Rothschilds have some pretty crafty people working for them – this is all by design.


This tough weird-looking New York Goodfella guy in a $7000 suit goes into a barber shop in Queens and he says to the barber, “Just a bit off the top and trim the sides please”

Barber says to him “But Sir, you’re wearing a toupee”

and the weird looking tough guy says to his bodyguard…

“Tony, he insulted me, break one of his legs and tell him to vote for my friend Hillary”

Alton Sterling:

“Gentle Giant” or

Armed Felon?

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C. Mitchell Shaw
The New American
July 10, 2016

When police officers attempted to arrest Alton Sterling (shown) just after midnight on Tuesday for brandishing a firearm and threatening a homeless man, he resisted arrest and fought with the officers. Before it was over, he was dead and the nation was — again — embroiled in protests and violence as the mainstream media, social media, and social justice warriors decried the shooting as the “murder” of a “good man.” A video showing the shooting was posted to various websites immediately after the shooting. The next day, another video was released showing the incident more closely and from a slightly different angle. Both videos show Sterling fighting with police and refusing to obey orders to stop moving. As the officers try to subdue Sterling, one of them can be heard shouting “He’s got a gun! Gun!” Both officers drew their guns and one can be heard on the video saying, “If you f***ing move, I swear to God…” But before he can finish that statement, the other officer —

the one pinning Sterling’s legs — is heard saying, “He’s going for the gun!” […]

This article was posted: Sunday, July 10, 2016 at 5:38 am



Speaking of hoax’s and great Hollywood writers…

who remembers ‘THIS’ old classic, now now, don’t turn away so quickly, cause I’m betting some of the (Real) major players in this ‘BS’ watched Perry Mason as younger men and, well, after ‘911’ looks like he was their defense attorney from day one…

DA Hamilton Burger and Lt Tragg don’t stand a chance, MASON always wins 😉

McCain's truth

African Union

Unveils Biometric

Passport for New

World Order

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Alex Newman
New American
July 8, 2016

Africa’s would-be rulers appear to be just as tone deaf and out of touch as the so-called “eurocrats” rebuked last month. As the European Union faces potential disintegration after the historic British “Brexit” vote to exit the EU super-state, the so-called “African Union” is still plowing full-speed ahead with undemocratic regional government. Most recently, the outfit unveiled a plot to erase borders and provide a single African passport to every “African citizen”that includes biometric data. Other extreme attacks on nationhood and self-government are also in the works as the continent and its peoples are herded into whatinternationalists often refer to publicly as their “New World Order.” […] “This flagship project, first agreed upon in 2014, falls squarely within the framework of Africa’s Agenda 2063 and has the specific aim of facilitating free movement of persons, goods and services around the continent — in order to foster intra-Africa trade, integration and socio-economic development,” continues the press release by the “Directorate of Information and Communication” of the “African Union Commission,” the unelected legislative-executive body that globalists hope will rule over Africans unimpeded. The official statement pointed to two “aspirations” outlined in the Agenda 2063, an Africa that is “integrated” and “united,” as the justification for the controversial passport scheme.

Read more

This article was posted: Friday, July 8, 2016 at 6:42 am

Banned Comment

Looks like “TRUTH” is under attack in America…

Remember truth? ~ No silly, not the muscly wrestler “R-TRUTH” who, according to me and many that worked with him was good on the day to make the big sell pay, his imaginary “Little Jimmy” in ‘WWE’ was waaaaay more believable than Vince’s “Muslims hate our freedoms so they pull a fake Orlando and San Bernadinoo shootings twice” thing, cause…

Hey, wait-up, that weren’t Vince McMahon’s baby was it? ~ Are you sure? 😉

Oh, hang-on, here’s graphic evidence below ~ Yes, better hand that over to ‘DHS’ and Clapper and Lynch and Comey et-al, cause on 2nd thoughts it sure looks like the whole “Muslims hate our freedoms” thing really was one of Vince’s, wonder if “Little Jimmy” could’ve been a Cessna Pilot? ~ Hmm, Nah, that’s a bit silly, unless of course in the way these stories turn out ‘Little (Invisible) Jimmy’ was a Cessna Pilot who went over to the dark side after getting knocked back applying for a job with American Airlines as a commercial airline pilot…

Yeah, might work 😉

Then he turns (Invisible) heel instead of (Invisible) baby face and, yeah, maybe…
(Guess it depends how much money you throw at it or how drunk the fans are)…

Vince McMahon ~ Pretty in Pink LITTLE JIMMY


America’s ever-so mildly (sic) corrupt political-media are busting their fannies as they try to dig their way out of the ‘DALLAS’ (Orlando\San Bernadino) ‘LIE’ by the use or big new lies to justify older lies ~ It’s another piece of an (Obviously) failed gambit by McCain and other high-rolling illuminates (Snigger) with a view to the justification of the unjustifiable ~ And they claim they’re trying to teach me? ~ America, or to be precise their government (Literally) taught me to scream at the ages of 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 etc (Real torture) and now those same fools are pretending they’re trying to teach me how to behave ~ All they do is bring out gut level sarcasm and heart level contempt, they really make me puke 😦

Actually they make me wish I’d been born dead ~ Well, I-wasn’t, so fcuk off  😦

BANNED Banned 'PP' July 11th ~ Masonry, Zion, lying, and truth

And here’s what I’d like to see happen to the perpetrators…
After the firing squad, hung by the neck, round and round…
Round and round as the Merry Go Round of death turns…
Then, we take bets on which POS rots and drops off first…

America has made two major tactical mistakes ~ The first was allowing their political media to define who they were, what they think, and what they want, the 2nd was not being able to produce a good hemp “Hanging rope” anymore 😦

Bud Light Runs

Shameless ‘Equal Pay’

Commercial. And it’s


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Louder With Crowder
July 8, 2016

Bud Light recently released a cringe-worthy commercial regarding the wage gap.

You know, the thing that doesn’t exist. Like Seth Rogen’s neck.

It’s a pretty short clip, but it manages to pack in plenty of garbage.

SR: Women don’t get paid as much as men and that is wrong.

AS: And we have to pay more for the same stuff. Cars, dry cleaning, shampoo…

SR: You pay more but get paid less, that is double wrong.

This article was posted: Friday, July 8, 2016 at 5:27 am


FUBud and your nasty Belgium owned horse piss.


You wouldn’t know “SHAMELESS” if it grew tits and a beard, learned how to fly Cessna’s in Florida at ‘CIA’ expense, hijacked a ‘757’ while armed with a sharp plastic spoon, then flew the plane to Orlando so he could join Almighty (Invisible) Allah’s righteous…



Confused? ~ America had a Coup D’Etat on Sept 11th 2001…

It was one that could never have been accomplished without Freemasons in Govt and media calling off the 24 hour fighter jet patrols of major cities 3 months prior to the attacks, sending the Air Force off to Alaska on the day, shutting ‘NORAD’ down for 2 hours for a software upgrade on the day, or so they say, followed by sending $500 million to the Sunni and Shia via ‘CIA’ to buy explosives in the Iranian black market as well as guaranteeing plenty of coffins to ship the gold stateside by, in addition to the $500 million sent to Sunni and Shia, deliberately sending their soldiers to Iraq without proper body armor and armored Humvee’s etc ~ It was all about Masonic Zionists stealing the world’s gold from Iraq and then Libya with the Coup D’Ata as a successful confusion and real time distraction, then creating the “Patriot Act” to protect their ass’s over the blowback from the 10,000+ American ‘911’ deaths their treason caused, 3000 on the day along with the 6,800 dead soldiers and then the 25,000 soldiers crippled for life, plus the million+ dead Iraq’s and Libyan’s along with god knows how many crippled Muslims ~ This gold theft was part of a long running World Zionist plan beginning in the modern era with Boss Tweed’s theft of $100 million in cash bearer bonds which the German Jew descent Bavarian Illuminati Masons used for stealing the gold from Russia in 1907 to create the US Fed in 2013 and then their London Square Mile Masonic Bavarian Illuminati cousins kicked in looting the gold from China using the Japanese they financed, then looted the gold from places like Ethiopia in North Africa initially using the British financed Italian fascists, then in dirty deals in South Africa and from Europe via the US Fed financed Nazi’s, and so on up to the recent past with Iraq’s gold looted…

while US forces were the sole occupying power…


Hit the links below to understand SOME of my motivations for doing this…


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