What Jews really are, and what they really do…


The Solomon’s gold concept… (The gold in every country’s treasury the world over)…

A blog for the long-since deceased who still wonder “WHAT THAFA HAPPENED?”

(You just honestly read-it reader, I’ll facilitate them to read your heart’s as you do)…

Mayer Amschel Rothschild

It’s been said the above concept of “Solomon’s gold” involved a strategy of conquest by slow defeat from the inside of a country by using Machiavellian means to seize control of the country’s treasuries, then once that’s achieved, control the country itself ~ Didn’t Nathan Meyer Rothschild once say something similar, as in “Let me issue and control a country’s money supply and I-care not who makes it’s laws” or words to that effect?

US Fed printing press

America just found that out in a circuitous route from 1863 (Boss Tweed’s theft of cash bearer bonds) thru to 1907, (The theft of Russia’s gold after the Tunguska gambit) and then from 1913 (Creation of the US Fed) thru to 1929 when the US Fed asset tripped Wall St to fund fellow Masonic Zionist Adolf Hitler to loot Europe’s gold, from 1929 thru to 1945 with Europe in ruins and most of the major Axis players faking their deaths, or in Hess’s case, imprisonment, on to 1973 when the US Fed took a loan of the looted European gold, gold that secret Astor descended Zionist Adolf Hitler was financed (By them) to loot from Europe in ‘WW2’ and then from 1973 thru to the Reaganomics junk bond’s and Young Republican’s of the 80’s and 90’s, directly leading up to the Coup D’Etat of the ‘911’ so called Muslim Terror attacks on Sept 11th 2001, then from then thru to the 2004 “On Message” moment via their American Patriot Act sham as Iraq’s gold was looted by “US Forces” (Snicker) and then finally to current morass where truth is now considered to be “An enemy of the state”

But which state? ~ The Jewish one?

US Fed Debt (2)

Before the main blog, more music for those who died without ever knowing what killed-em…

Some of you may have forgotten Rumsfeld fragged soldiers in Vietnam…

He’d often worked OFFBOOKS for your CIA even while still in politics…

Surely you didn’t forget the $500 million the CIA sent to the Sunni and Shia?

Money they used (As instructed) to buy explosives on the Iranian black market…

Explosive used to create the IED attacks America, so what’s up with that…

Now they’ve got you talking shit about a murderess, Hillary Clinton

She’s a Mason, but what about Masons Bush Cheney & Rumsfeld

I’d bet men like this one here below isn’t bloody forgetting…

US Soldier LARGEUS Military coffins Iraqi Gold shipment 550

Man in ‘Black

Lives Matter’ Shirt

Fires 17 Shots at

Cop’s Home

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Violent felon had recently been released after serving half of a 12-year sentence

Mikael Thalen
July 13, 2016

A black male opened fire on a police officer’s home in Indiana Tuesday just days after being released from prison. According to reports, the individual, 27-year-old March Eugene Ratney, began firing on an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer’s home just after 2 am while screaming profanities. […]

This article was posted: Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at 5:09 pm


Wait for Obama to introduce his pals in Isis to his pals in Blm.

Then the party will really start.


Stick up for Obama? ~ Nope, but just check out “McCain and ‘ISIS’ here…

There’s something seriously warped about America’s political mind now, and it began with failed Cessna Pilots flying a ‘757’ when even professional air force jet fighter pilots claimed they’d need 50 hours acclimatization in the co-pilot’s seat…

before they could fly one in the real world for real….

That was bad enough, then it got worse with the 2004 ‘ON-MESSAGE’ Iraq War moment when the shibboleth of “National security in time of war” was invoked like something that was anti-American to disagree with, as was the concept of anyone disagreeing with official stories being likely to somehow harm the troops even tho the main source of those talking of the suspicious number of metal coffins coming back from Iraq…

numbers that exceeded the number of dead to go in them…

coffins that needed to be lifted and moved by heavy duty forklift, were endangering serving US Forces by talking about it when it was US Military themselves that raised it ~ The ‘SPIN’ has now almost become a mental disorder, better wake-up for real…

McCain ISIS ISIL Syria

Trump Doubles Down On

‘Anti-Semitic’ Star Tweet: “We

Should Have Left It Up”

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Accuses “dishonest” “lying” media of “racially profiling”

Steve Watson
July 7, 2016

During a fiery speech in Ohio Wednesday, GOP nominee Donald Trump defended his use of a star in a tweet, which was dubbed ‘anti-semitic’ by critics for its resemblance to a Star of David.

Trump Jewish TweetsTrump PP Tweets LIARS


They all work for same Jesuit/ Zionist/ Cabal which = Luciferianism.

The scripture quoted below says it all for me: Jesus tells us in Matthew 22:21 to “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and unto God that which is God’s”. The civil government supposedly stands under the Law of God as one of the offices that is supposed to protect society from the chaos, which is the natural result of fallen nature. However; when any office commands that which is contrary to the Word of God, those who hold that office give up their authority and are not to be obeyed. That includes the office of State. God has ordained government as a delegated authority. With the purpose of being an agent of justice, to restrain evil by punishing the wrongdoer and to protect the good in society. When it does the reverse of what it was delegated to do, it has no proper authority, as it is then a usurped authority which is lawless and the result is tyranny and oppression.

Tyranny has ensued on these shores, you’d have to be an ostrich Not to see it.


‘God’ seems to have “Attention Deficit Disorder” some centuries Warrior…

Excuse my casual re-edit, now just wars since WW2, there were too many to go all of the way back to 1900 in my quick editing, I’m more than a little tired ~ Any-way, roughly from now back to 1945 there was Eastern Ukraine, South Sudan Civil War, Syrian civil war, Libyan Civil War, Yemen, Nigeria, Waziristan conflict, Mexican Drug War, Iraqi Insurgency, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Algeria, India, Nagorno-Karabakh, Northern Mali, Kashmir, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopian, Philippines, Colombia, Burma, Palestine, Central African Republic, Kivu Conflict, Al-Qaida vs USA and allies, Kurdistan, Uganda, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Tajikistan, Senegal, Iran, Chad, Peru, Sri Lanka, Burundi, Nepal, South Lebanon, Côte d Ivoire, Iraq, Congo, Liberia, Angola, Sierra Leone, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, East Timor, Cambodia, Northern Ireland, Kurdistan, Iran, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Guatemala, North Yemen, Rwanda, Burma, Georgia, India, Serbia, Croatia, First Gulf War, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Romania, Panama, Western Sahara, South Africa, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Namibia, South Africa, Chad, South Yemen, Falklands, Syria, Thailand, Iran, Nicaragua, Uganda, Tanzania, Rhodesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, West Papua, Argentina, Balochistan, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Angola, Cyprus, Mozambique, Israel, Egypt, Chile Guinea Bissau, Sudan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Nigeria, North Yemen, Iraq, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Congo, Rwanda, Vietnam, India, Algeria, Cameroon, Indonesia, Tibet, Lebanon, Malaysia, Sinai, Hungary, Kenya, Tunisia, Morocco, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Bolivia, India, Baltic area, South Moluccas, Tibet, South Korea, Arab-Israeli War 1948, Greece, China, Costa Rica, Kashmir, Yemen, Hyderabad, India, Palestine, Taiwan, Madagascar, Poland, Ukraine, Indonesia…

World War II…

Some fascists in ‘CIA’ in the 70’s told me they plan billions pretty soon…


Excellent song, I know it very well.
Thank you for posting it –

In regard to your calculation that our Heavenly Father has “ADD” is somewhat disturbing; I don’t think you know Him very well. Please trust me when I say He knows exactly what He’s doing; it’s the Luciferian idiots who try to “copy-cat” everything He does by turning His Truth upside down. When men give themselves over to debauchery;

we All suffer for it.  Our creator will give us over to our enemy…….

just like what’s going on all across the world this very hour.


Occasionally religious people can make me nervous, then annoyed, and then nervous again, then I-think about Godzilla defeating Mothra in a paper mache Tokyo harbor film set and all’s well again 😉

Willy Wonka god and the devil


That’s all good and fine ………..
Accept, I’m not “religious”
Now what ?


Guess it’s your angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent Abrahamic cosmic magician versus my rationale appraisal of all of the carnival barker cheap trick quasi occultist religious chicanery that Zion uses to keep people from using their full spiritual intellect…

and being responsible for their own actions…

Some sort of “Gunfight at OK Coral” seems in order here, preacher…

Marshal Matt Draw first preacher


The world is a seriously fcuked-up place…

soul waffle and intellectual toffee apples about angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent Abrahamic cosmic magicians is not going to make it any better anytime soon…

Kinetic Energy weapon


You can fool some people, some of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people, all of the time – Kinetic Energy Weapons …… that’s a good one ! GOD created science ….. don’t let the Greeks (pagan gentiles) fool You ! P.S. You are not the all seeing eye of future prophesy ….. these are merely your opinions that came from worshipers…… of that all seeing eye.

The TRUTH outweighs everything –


Like it said elsewhere in my comments on that ‘Kinetic Energy’ weapon, they hit at 18 klms per sec (Roughly Mach 56’6 although math isn’t my strong point) after a half mile run up, were perfected by America over 30 years ago under Reagan’s Star Wars program, and (Sadly) would fulfill that chapter in Revelation about the terrible hail ~ I’ve seen false religion used to mask a hell of a lot of evil’s in my 59 year sojourn, I’ve seen evil men do the most evil un-human things you could imagine, you don’t sound or seem any different there, but just for the other readers who may read this I’ve learned a bit too, learned that lying is the devil’s playground, not idle hands, so in that context I’m able to honestly say I’ve fairly faithfully followed the teachings and commands of the Christ for 37 years now, for my own reasons, not yours, and that leads me to say quite simply, the biggest “SIN” that America needs to repent of is ‘LYING’

Shame on you, “Cessna Pilots” flying a ‘757?’ ~ Shame on you…
Tell me about your god with your words, but all I-see is actions…
Iraq’s gold is missing, a million Iraq’s are dead, repent America…

Captain Rumsfeld


“My reason’s” are only for your own good – not mine –

Yes, America must repent, we’ve been fooled into listening and trusting these LIARS –
People need to wake up, and demand recompense from the demons in charge.
They can be beat down completely if people would just pay attention.


Your bible predicts the abovementioned kinetic-energy weapon attack, tho a ‘FANTASY’ about Nibiru has long been sold to people as the cause, yet hint, I’d been told the elliptical orbit of that brown dwarf star orbiting our solar system that Nibiru itself is said to orbit doesn’t come closer than a trillion to a trillion and a half kilometers from our solar system, yet that’s close enough to flip our star’s magnetic poles which in turn…

flips earth’s magnetic poles…

= Pole Shift

Every 3600 years so they say ~ Doesn’t your bible say that (Roughly) 3600 years ago Joshua said “Sun, stand thou still” (Over some valley) until the Lord had finished slaying the heathen (With a hailstorm) and Lo and behold, that’s what happened? ~ Do you ‘REALLY’ propose that an omnipotent omnipresent cosmic magician just suspended the earth’s rotation for however many hours that event occurred using omnipotent invisible deity magic, suspending the laws of physics so the earth just stood still until the Lord did his thing on the heathen?

Technology didn’t just crawl out of the caves after the Ice Age, you bible types tend to take what you’re told and try to bend scripture to fit it, yet Hindi scriptures speak of some pretty high tech stuff 1000’s of years ago, the truth of that is up to the seeker of such truth to define…

The Nibiru story about a planet dragging a bunch of detritus into our solar system is a cover story albeit overly simple for the genocide of our species, no point sticking your heads in the sand ~ Anyway, believe what you wish, I’m more of a truth and facts man myself 😉

Realizing you’re a Troll account, have a think about this short clip 😉
Or rather, any sane rational logical person, have a think about it 😉

Keep in mind that for your god to answer Joshua in the way your bible implies he’d have had to stop earth turning ~ Nope, these things you speak of, ‘YOUR’ version of bible truths are merely myths about real things, stories written down to record things they didn’t understand…

Don’t bust too many brain cells doing it ~ Real logic is a bitch Huh?


“All the world is a stage, and the director is a cnut”Robby Daniel  😉

Und now Leibchen, one of “The ‘Gold-thief’ god’s main Unteroffizier(Lance Corporal’s)

Adolf Hitler Masons Gold 666 (2)

Shock, horror, you were all conned, lied to, Hitler was an illegitimate Astor Jew…

The US Fed got the 1000’s of tons of looted Nazi-gold in 1973 suckers ~ Wake-up…

The whole Jewish thing was a “Solomon’s gold”  gambit, the whole dame thing…

Hit the links above and below to learn some of what motivated me to do this…

Where’s Iraq’s gold, Solomon?


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