You know them, and now you know me too…

Black Lives Matter Activist

DeRay Mckesson Arrested During

Alton Sterling Protest

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Matthew Grimson
NBC News
July 10, 2016

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson was among dozens of protesters arrested Saturday night during demonstrations over the death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Mckesson, who live-streamed his arrest on Periscope, was taken into custody while walking along the side of the Airline Highway with fellow protesters. Hundreds of protesters angry over Sterling’s death at the hands of two white officers took to the streets again Saturday, calling for justice in an often-tense evening that saw police arrest a number of demonstrators. Shouting “No justice! No peace!” roughly 1,000 protesters gathered outside the Baton Rouge Police Department, waving homemade signs as passing cars honked their support. The protests lasted well into the evening but died down a little after midnight.

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This article was posted: Sunday, July 10, 2016 at 5:06 am

Faked American story


There is SCARY and then there is REALLY SCARY!

Dallas Shooting Psyop – US Intel Update – Multiple Shooters! (6-9-16)


America’s two biggest problems thus far are…

1/ Lying for a govt which uses your tax money to finance it, and…

2/ Seriously shooting itself in the foot…

I’ve got solutions…

To solve the first problem, ‘STOP LYING’ anymore at all at any time, period ~ It’s a pretty drastic move, but one, if taken with an almost biblical faith in truth might ease the way for a 100% amnesty for treason, and that might even see America fail to become the cause of ‘WW3’ eventually ~ If you stop lying right now and start on the amnesty you should see some sort of improvement in your overall situation to the point where sooner or later your Masonic politicians won’t have reason to think you’re quite as stupid as they certainly must now ~ As for the 2nd problem, shooting yourself in the foot, well one temporary response might be not to do it on ‘FULL AUTO’ wankaaa’z ~ See that guy above?

‘HE’ took it off full auto, just ‘Single-shot’ mode, works for him 😉

Proof Patriot Acts need amnesty BANG


Anytime a police officer shoots a civilian they need to answer questions.

A civilian is a superior to any uniform.


Ever since John Kennedy there’s been an illegal conspiratorial treasonous agenda by those in the Masonic Lodge who make a point of getting one of theirs elected every time, for every office too whether that be mayor police chief sheriff governor ‘US Fed Chairman’ president or ‘VP’, it’s a long term agenda for change, one that sees a return to basic feudalism under cover of the word “Globalism” being much more preferable than world (Masonic) Zionism having to answer for what it’s done and why it’s done it…

70 dead Dealy Plaza witnesses Sal, 70 Dealy Plaza witnesses, it’s claimed as many as 200 dead from simple procedures in the ‘VA’ after they began to question the official version of ‘911’ as well as ask what the hell happened to all of Iraq’s gold under American occupation, those ‘VA’ deaths weren’t careless Sal, they were deliberate ~ The ‘LAW’ just as often wears a suit and carries the badge in their wallet Sal ~ 70 dead Dealy Plaza witnesses…

The kicker is it wasn’t even Kennedy in the limo, what a nation of fools…
‘SATAN’ wears a uniform sometimes, sure, but he prefers a suit and tie…

Satan ~ We're all in this together Mason Police Sheriff


One of the most significant failures of “multiculturalism” is that, concomitant with entirely different sets of societal values, that getting arrested doesn’t carry the same sense of stigma or shame within the Black Community as it does within the White Community.


Here’s a ‘REAL’ story for you ~ Iraq’s gold was looted during US occupation, and the Freemasons who pulled the Coup D’Etat on ‘911’ were the ones who even used the US Military to transport it out of Iraq ~ Wanna hear another true story, as in unlike just about everything this last decade, it’s true…

‘SOMEONE (Some country or group) STOLE IT FROM THEM’ ~ Ha-Ha…
(Libyan’s complained about ‘THEIR‘ missing gold, then came Benghazi)…

Iraq Libya gold American Mason Zion US Military coffins Iraqi Gold shipment 550


But, but, but, ‘YOU SAW IT ON TV’ didn’t you?


Currently America’s (Masonic) Zionists are planning their next act of treason…

They’ll murder over 1\2 (160 million) of their own nation’s citizens, you suckers…

You’ve already seen their treason in action, gonna let-em take your soul too?

Hit the link underneath if you wish to find out exactly what motivates me…


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