“Pigs might fly” if Cessna pilots flew 757’s…

“Only To Fly”

You must live, what you really love
You must be, only what you’re dreaming of
Like a bird rising in the sky
You are only, only to fly, only to fly
When you hear the sound you love
Do you turn and walk away
Is it something you are frightened of
Are you scared what it may say
You must not run, you cannot hide
It’s only what you really feel
It calls to you from deep inside
You’ve got to know this dream is real
Only to fly, only to fly, only to fly
You must live, what you really love
You must be, only what you’re dreaming of
Like a bird rising through the sky
You are only, only to fly
Only to fly, only to fly
You must live, what you really love
You must be, only what you’re dreaming of
Like a bird rising through the sky
You are only, only to fly, only to fly
Only to fly, only to fly…
Linus Charlie Brown Cessna Pilots Space Shuttles 480

Secret Service Agent

on Hillary: ‘She’s going to move

towards a dictatorship’

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She “has an explosive, dangerous personality,” book author described

Adan Salazar
Prison Planet.com
June 30, 2016

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “has an explosive, dangerous personality” that makes her unfit for the office of US president, former Secret Service agent Gary J. Byrne revealed on the Alex Jones Show Thursday. Recounting his time during the Clinton White House years, Byrne described Hillary as a vindictive shrew who treated her staff as subhuman garbage. “She has this inability to focus on the problem. She seems to focus on what caused the problem,” Byrne, author of the new book “Crisis of Character,” said. “I’ve seen her berate staff that were supposedly friends of hers to the point that they were terrified of her.” Byrne related several anecdotes chronicled in his book, including one time former President Bill Clinton showed up at the White House with a black eye after a fight with Hillary.

“I definitely think that if she gets elected that the crazy stuff we’ve seen with her in the past eight years is going to look like a walk in the park,” Byrne said. Assuring Jones he and his family are acutely aware of the dangers the Clintons pose, the former Secret Service member said he predicts a Hillary presidency would be a shift to more dictatorial policies. If Hillary wins, “I think that after all the parties are over, the markets are gonna swing – that’s my fear. I also think that she’s gonna move towards more of a dictatorship, more socialism.”

This article was posted: Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 6:07 pm


In America we have things so good that we can be allowed to vote for term limited dictators since Lincoln: the worst mass murderer and glorified hypocrite who ever lived.



You get a ‘CNUT-TATORSHIP’ iffin’ you vote Trump, a ‘CNUT-TATORSHIP’ iffin’ (sic) you vote Hillary, but wank your lucky stars Sanders is out cause if he was running you’d get a ‘DCIK-TATORSHIP’ ruling an illuminated ‘Ass-Ocrasy’ that’s so deep in debt that their accountant’ file cabinet sits on a ledge in the Marianas Trench, yet it’s “Topp Draw” (Snicker) requires a full scale armored assault on Mt Olympus to open it ~ Ha-Ha-Ha, Wa Ha-Ha, there’s never been a more interesting time to be American, except perhaps in 1492 when “Columbus sailed the ocean’s blue” as the saying goes 😉

Yeah, complete crap, just the first and last minute is worth a looky-see…


Most people don’t know what a Traitor Lincoln truly was.

The Comment to Hulk START CROPPED


Lincoln a traitor? ~ Wayo-more than most might ever know Hulk…

Here’s a little story I’d heard back in the 1960’s before too many of the wrong type of people found out my silence was more than stupidity, it was simply a case of being gob-smacked over the way humans can be bewitched thru their participation in a grand group lie…

The man who told me this story is pictured below ~ All of what he told me would make one hell of a book, waaay more than a 10,000 word comment here could ever do justice to ~ It starts with Jack Kennedy and his assassination, and yes, it concerns Lincoln too…

Back then, 6 years old, I’d been told Jack (JFK) Kennedy had been fatally shot 2 weeks before the Dealy Plaza fiasco and that that was most definitely ‘NOT’ your president in the Limo, it was his Secret Service body double taking one for the team ~ The story at the time had, for one reason or another, a surviving ‘WW2’ Nazi ‘SS’ man literally shooting ‘JFK’ in the back and the head as he was trying to run away from the room he’d entered, that going down a full 2 weeks before the Dealy Plaza crap ~ It was plausible at the time, by 1964 I’d come to know of two ‘WW2’ fascists, Eichmann and Musso, who’d both survived their deaths using identity swaps, later including the main man Adolf too, that much was undeniable fact, but from then on the story got murky over Kennedy ~ Here’s why ~ Seems that dear uncle “Adolph” (Eichmann) had snuck a stolen US Air Force hydrogen bomb into the old Masonic tunnels under congress with the help of Cheney on the detail, and Rumsfeld (Supposedly) acting as the dupe who knew nothing but got them past the lone guard at the entrance to the tunnel, one of his old army buddies so it was said…

They did too, the same circle of secretly Zionist bloodline US Fed Masons who financed the Nazi looting of Europe’s gold had snuck a stolen hydrogen bomb under the US congress as a king of ironclad solid gold (Snicker) reason given to those who needed to know among the higher ranks of Masonry as to why they (High level American Masons) were obeying Nazis when they (Nazis) had supposedly lost ‘WW2’ but it wasn’t that simple, if indeed that sounds simple…

The reality is it was the owners of the US Fed running shit all along with the Nazis merely the titular bad guys ~ Anyway, evidently it was said that someone decided that Kennedy had to go to make the deception of American illusions more complete, yet there’s one certainty and two possibilities there ~ The first certainty is that it wasn’t ‘JFK’ in the Limo, it was most definitely not the 36th prez in the Limo, but there it gets hazy ~ If the president’s death could be faked once (It was) then why not twice? 😦

That same man pictured below told me with a straight face that Roosevelt faked his own death and went to live with his male lover under an assumed identity in a remote spot up in rural Canada after Musso and Captain Erich Topp sailed a non working nuke up the Manhattan River into New York, an exact replica of a similar device that Hess had sailed up the Thames 2 weeks before the Scotland crash landing cover story, one that everyone in the lodge except those at the highest 33rd degree levels was assured was in full working order (It wasn’t) while the one Musso and Topp had sailed into New York was precisely the same, it was a dummy, a bluff, a fake, a fully (Non) functional cold hand bluff ~ Now here’s where even such a complicated scenario went off the rails and it involves your man Abraham Lincoln ~ That same man below swore that Lincoln’s death by shooting in the theatre was also faked with a patsy double shot in his place to get him (Lincoln) out of the soon to come $100 million dollar ‘BOSS TWEED’ saga, an amount that involved the equivalent of $1 to $8 trillion in today’s money, the source of the seed money that pulled “Tunguska” and directly led to the theft of Russia’s gold in 1907 along with the creation of the US Fed in 1913 and the wreckage of Europe in ‘WW1’ followed by the creation of Communism, the post war Wall St bubble and then the 1929 asset strip of Wall St to finance the Nazi’s to loot Europe’s gold, all leading up to ‘JFK’ and the 1960’s thru to the present fcuk fight where America is acting in blinded lying confusion like ‘LITTLE BOY LOST’ as they try to reconcile the bullshit that comes out of Washington with the crap they’re sold by their laundered Israeli Aid controlled congressional media ~ I’m getting to the nitty gritty part here tho, because, bearing in mind that I’d seen Eichmann more than a few times after Israel supposedly hung him, and had talked with Musso as late as 27 years after the establishment claims that the partisans hung him, all while also bearing in mind I’d met 3 separate men who all used the ‘GHWB’ name in ‘CIA’ as part of that particular treasonous headfcuk, and even Cheney Sanders and Gorbachev look like brothers or half brothers (Bavarian Illuminati bloodlines) what if ‘KENNEDY’ himself was a twin and in on the whole idea of the nuke Eichmann and Cheney had, with Rumsfeld’s minor help, placed under congress, what if it was all one massive Zionist agenda to militarily defeat America and asset strip it in the process as has already partially happened under Reaganomics, and then happened again under “Shrub” (sic) ’43’ and then again under this fake doppelganger Obama ’44’ you got now, with the Social Security budget gone, the constitution gone, America borrowing $19 trillion per year just to pay interest on the real debt the Zionist federal accountancy scheme cooked up for them, and what if he (JFK) was part of it right from the start just as Lincoln was with Boss Tweed’s early theft of America’s first $1+ trillion dollar heist…

Now evermore progressively America becomes a little boy lost…

That wasn’t Kennedy in the Limo. that’s just fact, but what if he didn’t even die at all back then, what if the 2nd body (The one the public rarely saw) wasn’t him either, what if the high levels of the Masonic Lodge played not just an act of treason but rather, a ‘TRIPLE BLIND’ where each and every player in their game was given a role that was part of a multi layered lie so intricate and complicated that only those pulling the strings could grasp the larger realities? 😦
They claim Fort Knox needs an audit? ~ Well brother, boo-hoo…
Iraqi lost their gold under US Occupation ~ Libya’s gold is gone…
It’s big crime, it’s 150+ years of major treasonous Zionist jigaboo…
Smack in the front and center is the Masonic Lodge ~ Get a grip…

The Bush Babby BoysCheney Mason we denu that


You should read this link, before it or me turns into a pumpkin and Sinderella gets sacrificed…

(Again) by Luciferin Zionists to Jehovah

Robby Tumors

 My sarcasm Masons

Since when did sarcasm imply untruth?


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