The old gold-thief god…

Pharoah children gold itchy butt

Can you imagine Adolf Hitler at Nuremburg with long hair and a long flowing beard, relating to the court how after he’d looted all of Europe’s gold at the command of the Lord, that overnight the Lord himself slew 5.6 million dark haired dark eyed lessor Turk descent Jewish children in the work camps before the Lord parted the Rhine river  so his tanks could invade Poland or something equally bizarre? ~ Can you imagine German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler using the old “The Lord did it” or “The Lord made me do it” defense for the crime of mass genocide? ~ Can you imagine ‘Der Fuhrer’ standing there at the Nuremburg war crimes trials next to Rudolph Hess using the defense of Moses, the man of god? ~ Seriously, do you think Stalin could’ve used that defense for the 50 to 60 million dead thanks to him?

Seriously, the only story you’ve ever heard about Jews in Egypt was that, on the command of god almighty they walked away with all of Egypt’s gold and jewels, and all while ‘The (Invisible) Lord’ (sic) was…

mysteriously murdering their children in the dead of night…

Moses Quicketh Israel

Yet there’s this race from whom I’m mostly descended, this race of lying thieving murdering blond haired x red haired and dark haired big nosed devils who’ve spent the larger part of the last 3600 years stealing everyone’s gold while performing ritual murder on their kidnapped children, much like is likely to have happened to the children of Egypt rather than that ‘Iffy’ story about some angry invisible Abrahamic cosmic magician called ‘GOD’ that only they can see (Snicker) killing all of their children in the middle of the night, a story that Adolf Hitler couldn’t have sold at the Nuremburg War Crimes trials anymore than Rudolph Hess could have, but then in (Zionist) context, neither Jew needed to…

Take a look where it all started, and open your eyes for the love of truth  😦

People still buy it cause otherwise ‘The (Jewish) devil’ will get them?  😦

Mussolini destroying the decade ahead

A wise man (Pictured above) who’d claimed to have been a close personal friend of my biological (German Jew Masonic Nazi) father had once said to me approximately 20 or so years after his fellow Zionist Jews had told the world he’d been hung by the partisans minus his genitalia, “Jews lie, the Jewish god is in their mind, but it’s (Only) a mask for the devil that lives in their hearts”, something worthwhile noting for those with any degree of functioning truth within them, because in all truth it very closely mirrors what the  rebel Hebrew called Christ once taught, but again, that’s only for those with the free thought and intellectual and spiritual ethics to honestly inquire into it ~ Anyway, then he went on to describe, in far fewer words than I’m able to here, that their devil is all there really is to them, their god merely being a concept of their minds with which to better justify or rather sell the indefinable and indefensible evil murderous history of their (My) race, both the things they’d done and were doing below the radar, as well as the things they intended to do…

Of course I’d pointed out to him, “But you’re Jew (Descent) too” and at this point he kind of looked both upwards downwards and even sideways in what appeared to be resignation rather than avoidance without a hint of self defensive posturing, and then said rather sadly, YES

So, you think Musso was dead in 1945, and Adolf Hitler too right?  😦

You think so because the world Jewish (Masonic) media’s told you so  😦

Bet you think you saw the (Real) ‘JFK’ get shot in the Limo too  😦

Obama says Brexit

vote reflects fears of


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The Washington Times
June 25, 2016

President Obama said Friday that the shocking Brexit vote reflected the fears stirred by globalization, but he pledged that it would not affect the United States’ relationship with either the United Kingdom or the European Union. “Yesterday’s vote speaks to the ongoing changes and challenges that are raised by globalization,” Mr. Obama said at the federally-sponsored Global Entrepreneurship Summit held at Stanford University. He explained the vote, in part, by saying globalization offers extraordinary benefits but also “evokes concerns and fears.” Mr. Obama publicly pushed for U.K. voters to remain in the EU. The vote to exit also delivered a blow to British Prime Minister David Cameron, who announced he would step down in the fall to clear the way for “fresh leadership” for the exit. The vote, which rattled markets around the world, raised concerns that the EU would break apart as a result.

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This article was posted: Saturday, June 25, 2016 at 7:24 am


“Obama says Brexit vote reflects fears of (A grand gay-collective) globalization” ~ You know, he thinks they’re all scared to ‘Get Along’ and (Gaily) ‘Move forwards’ ~ Probably thinks Britain is a wee-bit ‘Anally-retentive’ when it comes to socialism 😉

Nazi pussies


How can we argue with a retard?
You cant . A retard is always right.

You smile you wave and say have a nice day…

say hi to your mother and hope he doesn’t follow you home.


I’m an Australian myself ~ Been that way since I-was just a little boy…

Sal, every four years for what is now 44 or so cycles, millions of US retards think they get to vote for a ‘Retard in Chief’ to lead them and all of the other retards into a “Bigger better and brighter future for all” to quote the current (Apparent) holder of that orifice ~ Yet your big retard in chief never has nor ever will deliver on anything good they ever promise ~ Still, over and over retards say their prayers, eat their vitamins, pay taxes, go off to unjust wars, get screwed over when they get back home…

then salute the flag and vote…

Yes, there’s a problem with retards Sal ~ So just shoot yourself…
That’ll be one less retard ~ You’ll be doing the gene pool a favor…

Treason Amnesty Bible Belt inbred Muslim awareness week (2)


Thank you, America! Anthony Watts / 23 hours ago June 24, 2016…

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The vote by the people of Britain to break free from this stifling, sclerotic tyranny has sent a shock-wave through every major international governing entity. It was no accident that the the International Monetary Fund, the Organization for Economic Corruption and Devastation, and various world “leaders” including Mr Obama, broke with democratic convention by openly promoting a “Remain” vote in a flagrant attempt to interfere in Britain’s decision.

Mr Obama’s intervention was decisive. The moment he demanded that Britain should remain within the EU, the polls began to swing against it. It was only when, in his maladroit fashion, he had sought to interfere in Britain’s decision that so many undecided voters woke up to the danger that the maneuverings and posturings of the international governing class represent to democracy.


What currency will oil be traded in once reality returns to Disneyland? 😉

Disney Mason ~


I wonder why the globalist parasites don’t want to spill the beans about why their glorious model of governance is so close to the Communist Manifesto.


‘Glorious model of governance close to the Communist Manifesto?’ 😉
Ha-Ha-Ha, here’s a song for the world’s first Communist overlords 😉

It’s a damn-site closer to “Feudalism” than Communism, that tag of calling something Communist relies on no-one really understanding basic facts of how real world Communism started, facts like Russia’s Communism being financed by gold Bavarian Illuminati Masons stole from Russia in 1907 after their big Tunguska gambit, and China’s communism (In part) financed in it’s initial stages with part of that looted Russian gold as seed money, then later (Literally) it was financed with gold the English financed Japanese attack dogs to loot from Southern China in the late 1920’s and early 30’s ~ It’s long been said to follow the money trail, true, follow it all the way back to the gold thieves, the way it’s been since the source of the first Communists that ever was, feudal Normans who came out of a Diaspora of Israel after a 1500 year Scandinavian hiatus via a 200 year bivouac in Switzerland…

Norman says he's not a Mason CLEAN 680


No, no. And No! As I have been reading London was a springboard that enabled Wall Street’s Banks to do business across the EU without having to deal directly with each member nation due to this Union. And most of the Wall Streeters were headquartered in London for this is jut the tip, not even 1/3 of the Brexit Iceberg. This was the Wall Street U. S. establishment interfering with another country’s sovereign political affairs and decision which ultimately the citizens of the UK had to make.

And what made matters worse that attempted to sway opinion remain or leave, the polls, pollsters and so-called thought and political experts all got it wrong when it cam to the propaganda that Brexit would be defeated. Now all of these, Wall Street as well as PTOUS has egg on their faces for once again by delving into another nation’s affairs. When will these learn that America is not the world’s manager for each nation on this globe, planet Earth, has the sovereign right to make their own political, economic and social decisions that must live with the consequences be they good or bad.


What was Wall St threatening to do? ~ Beat them to death with a Cuckoo Clock, or whack them over the head with their (Own) US Federal deficit? 😉



Please ‘read’ the Blog Article that’s in the Washington Post: “Why Wall Street fought so hard against Brexit” by Rene Merle, 24 June 2016. Thank you for your response. And there is more info as it pertains to the tip of this Brexit Iceberg, involving Wall Street thoughts.


Kaaay, got a heavy schedule, I’ll try to skim it if I’m able to remember to, but in the meantime, does the 1973 Chinese (Nazi) gold loan to the US Fed that asset stripped Wall St under Reaganomics junk bonds, done at the same time that Ronnie Reagan’s “Friend” Maggie (Snicker) was also asset stripping the British economy, something Maggie started and fellow Zionist Mason John Majors finished, ditto with the son of “Scherff-41” (Shrub) finishing off America’s asset strip once 2\3 of their constitution was removed, all done with the same looted ‘WW2’ gold…

have anything to do with it?

Remember, the Wall St US Fed banks financed Nazism…

And, does the missing Iraqi gold bullion that went missing under the US Occupation, along with the missing Libyan gold that some claim ex Delta merc’s stole for England along with Fort Knox’s dubious accounting also come into this, cause, Jesus Christ in a juice extractor, is everyone on this planet blind to the gold theft Bavarian Illuminati Masons have all done in the modern era since they stole Russia’s gold in 1907…

to start the Zionist US Fed monster? 😦

(Don’t mind my graphics, sometimes they’re kinda-funny)…

Stupid Jew bankersAvatar

I predicted a Brexit win in my previous comments based on anything Obama supports has been a failure i.e sports teams. Obama, please continue to support Hillary. And by the way, your legacy is screwed but your globalist masters do not care. You are just another puppet.

Just like the Bush’s and Clinton’s. They made you puppets rich for your evil actions and probably all have a retreat outside America. You can run but you can not hide. A new revolution is coming with a Trump victory and all of the evil and deception will be exposed.


Please, don’t stop, on behalf of the world’s feminized men, dyke women, ugly cross eyed runny-nosed little brats of both sexes, plus the gay guys, they all look to America for her leadership and guidance, for her protection from the Muslim Al Qaeda and Al Shebab, plus ‘ISIS’ and ‘ISIL’ and (Of course) the Russians and the Chinese ~ You America, you’re our only tried true well tested stronghold in these woeful worrying troubled times when terrorists threaten our lives daily and …….

Ahh-Shit, just threw-up in my throat 😉



You see ?…David Camoron never had the British peoples interest at hart. He was a paid bankster and now that he has failed they told him to step down. I wonder if he will be jumping off the Big Ben anytime soon?


Even if he does jump, his marionette strings will provide a soft landing

Devil puppeteer


1,000,000 dead Iraqi’s so ‘SOMEONE’ could steal their gold as they pulled a Coup D’Etat on the US Constitution, and the more the post black op Psy Op psychology tries to justify the unjustifiable, the more…

America’s real masters will require you to jump ~ Sideways 😦

Wow vertical dive 911 plane twin towers image



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